Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today is the worst I have felt.  The numbness of the surgery is wearing off and my right side feel like it was a punching bag for the heavy weight  Maybe not that bad but close. This is also the most tired I have felt too.  This sucks.  Good thing my deodorant is working good cause I just don't have the energy to wash up this morning...  maybe later after lunch.

I'm gonna post a pic of what is left of my Edible Arrangement.  The fruit is soooo good.   Miss Sylvia is so sweet. I'm crocheting a shawl to wear. 1 reason is I need something to do and 2 I am somewhat self conscious of being loop sided. I just realized I am really rambling in this  I guess that happens when you blog after taking pain  oh well.  I'm gonna go take a nap

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