Tuesday, February 25, 2014

1 Week since Crani.

Ok today marks one week since my brain surgery,  I am doing well.  I had my first trip almost fall with the walker the last night,  I was a little to tired and weak trying to make it from the bathroom.  It is amazing how much your brain takes in when you think your doing nothing.  I notice I feel awesome in the morning but as the day goes on the busier it gets around me the more tired I get and the slower my brain starts to work,  I have to think a little harder I notice I get jittery like my brain is on overload.  It was a bit unnerving to have that trip up cause I haven't felt that uneasy on my feet since day 2 of the surgery.  As I sit here I am listening to some yoga zen music app I found on my kindle.  I realize I need to take some time everyday just to calm my brain down from the everyday stimulus that is around me.  The music has helped a lot.  My hands stop shaking and my heart has calmed down. I'm really going to get into this meditating more now.  I plan on doing whatever I can to help my brain heal best.

Thank God for the Facebook support Groups Meningioma Mommas, mind over meningioma
MeningiomaTalk, meningiomasupportforus
They have helped me so much. Like I didn't know the steroids that I take would change how food taste but I will get it back after the meds wore off.  I was pretty mad when I had my ball park beef hotdog and it taste like mush.  I can't taste anything savory. and some sweet stuff just doesn't taste right.  So I really don't eat unless my body is asking for food cause I find no pleasure in eating.
 I also learned to sleep sitting up cause to much pressure on my brain laying down and trying to get up.  actually I have been quite comfortable.  I do miss sleeping next to my hubby.  I won't start outpatient therapy  for another week. I have a follow up on Thursday.  I get the pathology report on my tumor.  Right now...... my life have really slowed down.  I guess I will take time to smell the roses

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