Wednesday, February 26, 2014


YESSSSS Food !!!! Now yes I gave gained about 50 lbs since diagnoses with breast cancer. 2 years ago.  My doctors are not that concerned between 6 surgeries and different meds it's not bad and my blood pressure hase been under control (when I take my meds)  When I do feel well I do exercise.  I LOVE the pool.  Now  back to food.  I CAN TASTE IT.   I am so happy the  steroids are starting to wear off.  I love to eat.  I enjoy eating.  I love flavor.  I miss it.  last night I had Bourbon Salmon OMG  soooo good and I had a peanut butter cup yummmmmy.  It was such a disappointment when my daughter went to get me some Chick Fil A and the lemonade didn't taste right.  I love their lemonade and I could barely taste the nuggets another fav of mine.  Then I wanted a ball park beef hotdog...ugggg it tasted like mush.  I guess it is a great was to loose weight because I had lost all interest in eating.. it was no party in my mouth.  :(   Flavor is coming back.  If I could I would be dancing to the Happy 

Now besides food... I am doing well.  I was able to go all day with no pain meds. Now I do have a lot a pressure on the right side and towards the back of my head. It is very uncomfortable. I have to watch how I position my head to keep a lot of pressure from building up.  I am able to get up and around and it feels good to be moving about.  I am resting so don't fuss at me. I still need a walker but getting stronger everyday. Now the next thing I want to do is wash my hair.... I so happy I went natural when I did but this mess needs a good washing.  I will be able  to after Thursday when the stitches come out.  I can look girly again.  I plan on sporting a cute mohawk for a bit until my hair grows out more.  I'm recovering  YAYYYYY  Lord you are Awesome!!

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