My Cancer

 I have what my doctor call "multi-focal carcinoma of the right breast.  I have 2 tumors. one is DCIS grade 2 and the other is infiltrating mucinous carcinoma grade 1.  They also found some calcification behind the tumors on my MRI..which were found to be cancer as well. The Dr. said it is in the very early stages and this is very treatable.  I won't need chemo or radiation.  I will know more after the surgery. So a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction is planned for Feb 15 2012.

Ok as of Feb 15, 2012 my cancer has changed I ended up having 3 tumors 1st was 2cm, 2nd was 0.8cm and the 3rd was .02cm. lymph nodes negative for cancer and no metastases(did not spread) and I had DCIS of 4.1 cm ( that was that calcification found ) So officially I had State 1A breast cancer

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