Sunday, March 29, 2015

I'm Ready

Yesterday I turned 45,  It has been a challenging last couple of years  BUT GOD... I made it.  This is the first birthday in 4 years I didn't have to or have had any surgery.  I spent a quiet day except for part of it with my family.  Breakfast with my mom, lunch with my dad and daughter, early evening at Chuck E Cheese with all 3 of my kids and the evening with hubby.  And I loved every bit of it,  even Chuck E Cheese. Just watching how my 3 kids interact with each other made me so happy.  I know I have done my job right. Yesterday I got to be a child, mom and wife at separate times and I think I really needed that.  The love you get from each one is special and different and very much needed.  I feel like I was refueled yesterday.  Ready to take on this next stage in my life.  It's funny, for the first time in a long time I feel like Super Woman, I'm ready.. When I was younger I use to say... I am the Almighty Powerful Mommy, Friend and Wife,  I haven't felt that way in a very very long time .I am stronger physically, mentally and most  important spiritually.  God.. I'm Ready!!!!