Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feeling a little bold!

Day # 9 out from surgery today.  Feeling awesome.  I get my stitches out today... YAYYY  I have been resting and taking it very easy. Yesterday I did take some steps without the walker.  Not bad just have to move slow.  Well This morning after meditating and feeling like a million bucks, I figured lets try walking without the walker little  more.  I just set it up in the kitchen so if I need it I could get to it.  Well...... I can walk... slow....but I find myself leaning to the  My tumor was right behind my right ear.  That side of my head is still numb and feels uncomfortable and I guess my equilibrium is off... It is weird feeling when you head starts to fall to the side and then u realize that is not what it should  I know I look funny. I probably look like a zombie walking Oh well I tried... I know it is still early but it was funny to me. Today is the last day for steroids..YESSSS...  I'm getting more sleep, maybe that's why I feel stronger.  (4-5 hours is more sleep)  I haven't started crafting yet.  I did start crocheting a hat in the hospital, I plan on finishing it this weekend. I want to start sewing again.. I just have to be careful not to overstimulate my brain because it gets tired just watching tv.  Back to resting.

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Jill said...

You are so inspiring ! I am so impressed every day with your recovery process !! Sending you so much love !