Friday, February 24, 2012


And I'm still stuck in the  Anybody that knows me know I must have been real bored to take a pic of myself and post it.  (I HATE taking pictures).  I'm feeling much better today.  Taking less pain meds..YAYYYY  I'm just so ready to get rid of this drainage tube from my side.  As soon as I get this tube out I'm making some fresh collard greens.  I have been craving them for the last couple of days.  Oh yeah I want a chocolate cake too.. Yeah I will make one of those too.  I will still have to take it easy but not have to sit as still soo much.  I really love my chair but I miss the outside world.  Plus I think I have caught up on all the miss sleep I had before the surgery.  I am so ready to heal and get this expander pumped up and be on with my  I know it's not that easy but I can act like it until   I guess with me not sleeping as much my days seem so much longer.  Maybe I'll start some kind of online business I can run from my chair...hmmmmm.  I can't wait until I can sew again.  I got some ideas of suits I want to make.  I will be praying I ca get this tube out on Tuesday. I know I'm changing subjects and I'm all over the place...but that happens when you sit in the house alone with a TV and computer to keep me  I'm gonna think up some kind of business to start.  Oh ..still haven't heard back on the pathology report yet.

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