Friday, May 11, 2012

tamox day 3

727 more days to go on this stuff.  The Dr. said 2 years then I can try to have a baby.  727 days to go.   I'm having hot flashes now.  I sitting here with a fan blowing on me.. I guess me and this fan will become good friends in the next 727 days. Still itchy,  fatigue and a headache that feels like a migraine is trying to start. The nausea has started but it's not that bad more irritating then anything else. Something else is happening, it's not exactly mood swings but a constant state. I can't say that I'm mad but just don't get on my nerves right  I guess I feel more aggressive.  Who knows.... these meds are very interesting. Well that's is what is going on so far with this stuff. 

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