Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jacob--- the mouse killer

I had stayed home from bible study today cause I'm not feeling too great.  I have had hip and knee pain all day and a headache for most of the day and of course fatigue.  Well I had fixed dinner for my husband and while I was going to the kitchen to fix his plate, my wonderful black cat Jacob decides to drop a dead mouse at my feet.  I totally freaked out. He dropped it in the dining room.  I couldn't even go in the kitchen.. I was ready to go out the front door I was so freaked. This was the reason why we got him but I didn't expect him to bring it to me. EWWWWWWWWW.. I don't know why it freaked me out so bad.. It was dead.  OMG.. I can't handle dead mice.  Jacob just looked at me like what's your problem...lol  i can't wait until we moved...Even tho we haven't seen any since we got Jacob.. I still don't care to see dead mice..  Thank goodness for teenage boys.  Jay thought it was cool ...He kept me from running out the front door...lol  I had wondered why the cat was in the basement most of the evening. Now I know...ewwwww..  I thought he was just playing with boxes..NOT!!!!..lol well that was my exciting evening,,,  I didn't feel the pain in my hip and knees when i was trying to go out the door...lol

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iven garland said...

I am laughing crying lol