Monday, June 11, 2012


I sit here in tears.  I just heard that Robin Roberts of Good Morning America, cancer has come back.after 5 years. It is in her blood and bone marrow.  She did everything right.  She had chemo, ate right, exercise and had a very positive outlook on life. It came back. I know her cancer is different from mine but it shows no matter what you do it is all in God's hands.

I am starting to believe you can probably prevent some cancers but once you have  had it, if it comes back it will and there is really nothing you can do to prevent it from doing so. Some people get deal with it, and never see it again.  Others will fight it more than 1 time.  This was one of the reasons why I didn't do chemo.  They kept telling me it was preventive, like an insurance policy.  I would be furious if I had gone thru chemo and it still came back. This cancer thing really sucks.  I am hearing more and more women talk about their cancer coming back 5,6, 8 years later.  I really don't know what to think.  It kinda put you in a constant state of fear, the fear of not knowing.

All I know is that God told me that this won't kill me, but I see this will be a lifelong fight to live. I'm only at the 6 month mark. This makes me angry,  This is so unfair. God has his reasons and it's not for me to understand yet. God I trust you. Continue to guide me thru this journey.  Use me.

This is the article on Robin Roberts

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