Sunday, January 29, 2012

SUNDAY 1/29/2012

It's Sunday morning at 7am nobody else is up yet.  I have quite a bit of pain under my arm.  I have emailed my Dr already. I'm sitting here watching TD Jakes.  Why does it always seems like he is talking to me?

I'm looking forward to service.  Being at the church helps.  The members are so supportive.
If some of you don't know my husband. Bishop Matthew E Bradby II, is a pastor of Faith Church Baltimore (401 East Lorraine ave, Baltimore Md 21218)  I had to plug that  Oh yeah service starts at 11am.

I guess the hardest part about all this is the waiting... I really just want to get this over with but I know moving fast right now is not in God's plan.  So I wait.

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