Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Beginning

At the age of 41, I found the first lump 2 weeks before my wedding.  I was married on 11/11/2011.  I just thought is was a clogged milk duct like I use to get when I was breastfeeding cause it hurt when touched. I was in no rush to get a mammogram but I promised my new husband that I would get one.  I already had a gyn appointment scheduled for when after we got back from our honeymoon.  My Dr. thought the same thing it was just a cyst or something but I still needed to get a mammogram.

The week before Christmas I went for the mammogram. I had been praying and talking with God and He kept telling me I will be ok.  I was still a little nervous since this was my first mammo. it was a weird experience having my boob smooshed like  I also had to have an ultrasound done just to get a better look at the lump I found.  Well that trip didn't end up like I thought.  I knew something was up because the tech took an awful lot of pics for something simple.  I knew something was wrong.  She left and a Dr. came in and told me that they found another lump and they have to do a biopsy. At that time God told me it was cancer.  I didn't want to believe it. They wanted to schedule the biopsy the Friday before Christmas but I didn't want to deal with that news for the holiday. When I left the office all I wanted was to be in the presence of my husband.  So I drove right to his office.  His boss is wonderful and gave him the rest of the day off just to be with me.

My biopsy was scheduled for Jan 3rd 2012 . Of course my wonderful husband came with me. The procedure it self is not painful afterwards the Dr. told me to come back in 6 months.  I was surprised because of what God had told me but I was willing to accept that. I was told I would get an email with the results of the biopsy.  I never got that email.  Jan. 4th 2012 my life changed. Matt was at a late meeting at work when I got the phone call.  The Dr. said he was shocked but the tumors were cancer.  He explained to me that they behaved as though they were cyst. I understood because now it went along with God had said.  I have breast cancer.  He did say it was a very low grade and very treatable and curable. My first thought was "how am I going to tell my husband" "How am I going to tell my kids".  Well my first call was to my  She was the first person I thought to call, then my dad,then my daughter and then my brother Billy. Who was able to make me laugh which was what I needed. My 13 year old son overheard me telling my father, so I had to sit him down and explain that I'm not going to die and everything will be ok.  Telling my husband was hard but he has been my rock. So This is the beginning of my Journey to be a  survivor.  

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