Friday, June 6, 2014


I am happy to say NO NEW CANCER!!!!!!!!  I tell ya, yesterday seem like the longest day ever.  I call my oncologist to get the results of the PET scan around 11 in the morning.  Her nurse calls me back and just tells me Dr. Couzi has the report on her desk and will be calling me in the evening.  UGGGGGGG  I was like why can't you tell me... She told me about my CAT scan and other test.   So I keep my phone glued to my side.  Dr. Couzi didn't call me until 9pm.  I had already decided I was going to fight like never before if the cancer came back.  She said they didn't find any new cancer but they did see more activity in my bone marrow in my spine but she wasn't that concern about it.  She also said my  alkaline phosphatase levels were slightly raised and she wanted to find out why.  So right now I will go back for my blood test in July to see if my levels change and take it from there.  Every time I hand it over to God, It always...always works out for me.  So until then I will be working out and eating healthier.... just taking better care of myself.  THANK YOU GOD!!!!!
Your Avon Lady

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