Monday, November 19, 2012

I was attacked!

I was attacked by sausage gravy last Friday!!!..  Rushing to fix breakfast I just threw a pouch of Bob Evens sausage gravy in the microwave without putting it in a bowl or plate. Well when I pulled it out, there was a small hole the let out the extremely hot gravy.  OUCH!!!!!!!  I put my hand under some cold water but I knew it was bad because of skin looking like it was pulled.  I had 20 minutes before my daddy was picking me up for my Dr. appointment.  I ATE that sausage gravy and it was

I had to go to the Breast Cancer Center for a bone scan since my new meds causes bone lost.  My pain threshold is pretty high because of the fibromyalgia, so I was able to still function. Even tho my hand was very very red and a little swollen.  I figured since I had to go to the Dr. I would have them look at it.  The lady doing the bone scan looked at it and sent me downstairs to my Oncologist.  Her nurse asked me if I was in alot of pain.  I told her yeah but it wasn't going to kill  She sent me to the ER. 

Now St. Joseph hospital ER Fast Track took me 3 hours. They had only 1 doctor working.  I started to fall asleep waiting.  During that time my had started to show a bruise.  I became very concern because of the coumidan.  So my visit was longer because they had to check my blood levels to make sure it wasn't too low.  It was low but it wasn't low enough to be very concerned about.  I see my primary doctor on Tuesday to adjust my meds.

My wonderful husband wants to bubble wrap me until I'm off the  I know I need to slow down.  I know I'm accident prone...I haven't cut myself  I have been more careful in the kitchen. I will slow down and not rush.  I am healing from picking up Dylan... I tell ya 2012 did not like my body.  I still have my sanity..   No more fights with sausage gravy.

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