Wednesday, July 23, 2014

God Has Spoken "LET THEM WATCH"

Interesting title huh?  Here some back story.  Yesterday was a good day for me.  I made some money for Jay's party doing a focus group in Hunt Valley and I was able to schedule an appointment with my plastic surgeon to finish my breast reconstruction.  See after my 1st reconstruction I needed 3 major surgeries, so she wanted to wait until I was doing well to finish up.  I called my oncologist's office to get the results from my blood work that was done last week.  **BIG SIGH**  Everything looks good except that darn alkaline phosphatase levels.  It has gone a little higher than it was in May. (raised alkaline phosphatase levels means the cancer is trying to come back)  The nurse told me that Dr. Couzi will call me later to talk to me.  That put me in a bad head space. I allowed myself to be there just for a moment.  I called my husband and being the wonderful person he is reminded me EVERYTHING else is good.  Even the PET scan I had a month ago came up with nothing.  So I decided that I will give it to God and have the same faith I did with my brain tumor.  Ok Dr. Couzi called me last night............She kept asking how I am feeling.  I told her I feel good and doing well.  I told her about my shoulder that didn't really concern her because I am getting physically therapy for it. She kept asking about my back.  I kept saying my back is fine.  She told me she is at a lost to why my levels are rising and everything else is normal.  She is going to talk to her colleagues and get back to me.  She thinking about doing another bone scan. So I should be hearing from her at the end of the week.  I also finally heard from my Neurologist about my 6 month MRI and check up.  I go in Aug for that.  So a lot of info thrown at me in 1  But I can handle it.

So this morning during my quiet time I decided not to ask God for anything today.  I just sat saying THANK YOU.  Over and over just thanking Him.  Then I heard it loud and clear "LET THEM WATCH"  Now I know this word isn't just for me.  Someone reading this gets it and understands.  At first I was like "What do you mean?" Then I remember what He did during my brain surgery.  I had to start crying tears of joy.   I know I will be ok no matter what is coming my way.  God has always taken care of me. Always had me come out better than I was when I went in.  So if you don't believe......just WATCH

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