Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 5 Recovery

This week was spent getting use to having no hair.  Everybody that has seen me in person sees why I had to cut it all off so it can grow back evenly.  It is growing very fast so I'm happy with that.  I have been feeling good.  I tried to drive.  I didn't go far but driving was a bit too much for me.  My brain couldn't handle the cars moving around me.  So I won't drive for another couple weeks.  I notice on days that I move around alot I seem to suffer in the evening with head pain. Gotta slow down.  It was so pretty out this weekend. I took my youngest to the playground across the street.  He is a very good listener for a 2 yr old.  Thankfully there was another young woman there with her nephews close to Dylan's age, so they ran him around to help wear him out.  I got tired just watching.  After about  45min I needed to go back in.  I had to bribe him with pizza to get him to leave  I was done for the day and it was only 4pm.  I get very tired after doing simple things like folding clothes or just walking in the store.  Grocery stores are still a bit much.  I went to out to eat Sunday with my family when they came home from church.  We  went to a buffet style place.  Whewwww.  that was an experience.  Way to much going on around me and a little too much noise.  I did enjoy being out but having to walk around to get my food wore me out and was dizzying.  I did so enjoy the time with my family.  Even my Nay was with us.  It felt great having all my kids together.

Recovering from brain surgery is going to take more patience from me.  I see it is going to take a bit longer to get back to "normal" for me. Even if my body can do it the question becomes  can my brain handle it?  So far these days the answer has been NO!.  I want to go to church this week.  I miss church, my church family and just plain old fellowship.  So as long as I am feeling well I will be going.

 Oh guess what MY BIRTHDAY is FRIDAY.  I made it to 44. I have survived and came out stronger. And for the first time I know what I want for my birthday.  I'm going to a restaurant I want( no buffet).  I don't know what else is planned.  My husband is known for surprising me.  My daughter is coming down Sat for a girls day.  I'm excited.  God is soo Good!!

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