Wednesday, March 19, 2014


It's funny how when I was diagnosed with breast cancer loosing my breast and my hair was heartbreaking then God spared me and I didn't need chemo or radiation so I was able to keep my hair.  Then came Mindy the Meningioma and I'm told I needed brain surgery.   I wanted to go natural especially when my daughter cut her hair but I was unsure about cutting the relaxer out and having short hair.  I was pending my decision on how much the surgeon was going to shave off for surgery.  When he told me I had my hair cut 2 weeks later and I liked it and was happy with my decision.  I had plan on rocking a mohawk after surgery but after seeing the 3 bald spots from the brace they used on my head and the side that was shaved I couldn't....."BIG SIGH"    I had hubby (he was a barber in the past) shave everything even last night.  All that thick curly hair on the floor.  But I had to do it if I wanted my hair to grow out even.  Because my hair was so thick you couldn't see 2 of the  bald spots when my hair was dry but when was wet.. You really could see all 3.   I laughed when I saw myself in the mirror.  Cancer didn't get my hair but a brain tumor did.  I really don't like Mindy!  Who would have thought 2 years cancer free I would loose my hair.  I'm not as sad about it as I was 2 years ago.  I guess after going thru 6 surgeries in two years and the changes in my body it is easier to accept.  The good thing is my hair grows fast. Plus good with hot  Now I won't be going in public without my head covered.  I am a bit self conscious about the scar along the right side of my head and the 3 bald spots. I do get to wear some pretty scarves and cute large earrings.  I guess I will play around with makeup more.  Also do you know the money I will save on hair care products now.  I thought I was saving when I first cut my hair but now $$$$$$.  Stuff will last me forever  I can still look cute after water aerobics (when I can start)  It will be cool for the summer and I can wear some cute spring hats.  So there are some good points ..... OH Yeah... my hair will grow back evenly.  My wonderful husband says he still find me sexy.  He even offer to buy a wig for me if it made me feel better(he hates wigs).  I said no just buy me some pretty scarves to wrap my head with.  He really like when I wear the scarves.  All I can do is laugh at all of this.  Who knew that my 40's would be so   Goodness I will be 44 next Friday.  At this rate I will be fully refurbished by the time I'm 

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