Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A lil scared

It has been awhile since I have updated my blog.  Well I have been going thru a lot of changes lately.  I have been having a rough time with the cancer meds I was put on   Letrozole.  It did not like me.  I have bad bone pain and fatigue and it cause my fibromyalgia to flair up real bad.  I have been put on several more pills.  UGGGGG I am still hanging in there.  Tomorrow I go for my mammogram.  I am nervous.  The last time I went thinking that nothing was wrong, I was given a very rude awaking.  I was suppose to also get a MRI but the insurance company doesn't think it is medically necessary... All I can do is shake my head cause it was a MRI that found the microscopic cancer in my right breast so it was definite I needed a mastectomy. 

I have been in a ho hum mood lately.  I have to go to physical therapy to help manage the pain.  I really wish I could go back to work.  But it won't be happening any time soon. I will be trying another medicine and hope the side effects are not as bad.  If my body doesn't agree with this new one I only have 1 other med to try.  Then it just using the lesser of the 3 evils... my doctor's words. 

I am thankful I can still care for my family on my good days. It is frustrating not being able to do as much as I use to but I am still alive.  Now back to this mammogram tomorrow.  *Big Sigh*  I go for the mammo then I go over to my breast doctor's office.  Praying everything turns out ok.  God sure has me on a rough road.  When things get hard for my I have the tendency to get quiet and turn inward.. But I know I shouldn't keep all these feelings inside.  I am just tired of dealing with cancer and the effects of it on my body.  My fibromyalgia was very manageable until the last couple months.  I know things will get under control in the future.

Tomorrow scares me.  

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