Thursday, July 23, 2015


I'm writing because God has told me to write.  Anyone who knows me know I am very private and keep things like this to my self.  After I wrote my post yesterday I found a lump under my left arm.  It is about the size of a pea and is painful.  Of course I went and looked it up online and found several things. Fatty tissue, cyst, cancer.  I did call my Dr and got an appointment for today.  See something major is about to happen so many things went wrong yesterday- attacks on our finances, attack on our family- attacks on my health.  God is waiting for a way to show his glory.  It upsets me to talk about the cancer might be back but I remember God's promise to me that cancer won't kill me.  I know I will be ok.  I come from a family of fighters.  So no matter what this lump is I will be ok! This cancer thing sucks,  always wondering if it's coming back.  So I'm praying for a good outcome, praying that the lump is something benign.  praying for a financial blessing, praying for peace, praying for my husband and children. Praying for a supernatural release!  I go to the dr at 12:30 today.  I will have a post this evening about the outcome. God just told me I will be fine.  God must think awfully highly of me to keep putting so much on my shoulders. lol  I have put this in God's hands. What ever is best will happen.

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