Thursday, February 19, 2015

WOW 1 year ago!!!!

Happy Craniversary to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!  One year ago today Mindy the Meningioma was evicted.  I was told I was going to loose hearing completely in my right ear,  I was going to have difficulty swallowing, I was going to have drooping on the right side of my face, and some other issues... BUT GOD!!!!!!!  I have none of that.  I woke up from surgery hearing again out of my right ear.  This is the longest I have gone with not having to need surgery.  I am so thankful  so so thankful.  Having 6 major surgeries in 3 years is rough on the body but God kept me.  I am in tears as I look at how far I have came during this year.  My head is still healing...barometer head when the weather changes..uggg but that is really the only issue I really have to deal with.  Other than that I am "normal"  I guess as normal as I can be..hehe,  my fibromyalgia is manageable again.  It is amazes me what God has done for me.  I know my faith in God is why I am where I am today.  Between gall bladder surgery,breast cancer, breast reconstruction (easiest surgery), bad hysterectomy surgery, hernia surgery and the brain tumor WOW I have been through a lot.  Thank you God for my healing!!!!

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