Saturday, October 4, 2014

8 Months Post Op

Hello everybody,  8 months since I had "Mindy" removed.  She is not missed.  I am doing very well. I still get a weird squeezing sensation along my scar. Since I have been using Thrive I don't get pain in my head as bad as before.  I still get painful shocks like pains but nowhere as often( maybe a couple times a week not couple times a day) I have learned the hard way I can only push myself but so far before I start having problems.  But other than that I am doing well.  My 6 month check up went great.  My neurologist wants me to talk to new patients to help ease their fears of the surgery and recovery.  I feel and I'm doing better than I was before surgery.   It has really changed how I look at life and my purpose in this world.  Sometimes I have to remind myself I'm still healing.  I did get my head cut  I just want people to know there is life after a brain tumor. Everybody's tumor is different, everyone's recovery is different but we still need the same thing - Support.  This is not something you can go thru alone.  The support groups on Facebook are great because you see your not along.  There are people who understand exactly what you are thinking, feeling, and hoping for.  I thank God for them.  I feel I was better prepared for what was going to happen to me,so I didn't react with panic when weird things happen,  like not being able to taste anything because of the steroids.  They didn't tell me that in the hospital. I learned that from my groups.  I was pissed when my chick fil a nugget didn't taste   here is a list of groups that have helped and prayed for me

Meningioma Mommas   
Meningioma Support For Us
 Grey Matters
 Mind Over Meningioma

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