Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ups and Downs in One Day

It is exactly 2 weeks today since Mindy the Meningioma was evicted.. WHEWWWWWWW.  I have been doing pretty well. I am walking more and more everyday without the walker.  Thank God for spellcheck cause my spelling has gone downhill since the surgery but that is slowly getting better also.  It's funny because I have to take everyday hour by hour.  Yesterday morning I was up at 3am dancing around ( well the best I can for now...lol) trying to do the yoga tree pose....lol that took about 15min just to get in to the pose..lol  I did 5 squats, 1 push up off the wall... my head didn't like that so I will stick to squats.  Then I was trying to do some zumba without too much head shaking.... that didn't go too well...It was just that I has so much energy and I felt so good at the time.  I even cooked breakfast.  Then I needed a nap.  Everybody was home because of the snow so I did have help around the house.  I wanted to do some laundry... had the energy for 10min.  After I sorted the clothes into 4 piles.  I needed a nap.  It is crazy how tired I get so quickly. Plus the more I try to do the more my head started to hurt. So I was down by 4pm for the rest of the day.  I was able to make dinner.  I wanted spaghetti with italian sausage.  I love to cook.  I am listening to my body during this recovery  period.  I might want to do something but I can only do what my body can.  No extras yet.  If I tried to do more than my body wanted I will get this strong pressure in my head. Sometimes it hurts sometimes it is just very uncomfortable. 

I know this is off subject but I found a bald spot in the back of my head and another one over my left ear.  It is sore there also.  I guess that is where they bolted my head for surgery or something.... but the Bald spot about as big as a 50cent coin.  Now I really don't know what to do about my hair.  I just might be rocking headbands and scarfs and hats until everything grows out. 

I won't be driving anytime soon.  I still have trouble turning my head to the left without feeling like it is stretching my scar.  I feel a lot of pressure in my right ear.  Hope that goes soon also. I can only think it is from my brain healing.Hey I can do a real punk rock look with both sides shaved...lol.  I miss being independent.  I am resting and letting my brain heal.  I only seem to sleep 2 -4 hours at a time.  It doesn't bother me now cause I can rest when I want to (when the kids are gone..lol)

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Kelly said...

How amazing that you are doing so well! Do not overdo it and let your body guide you. (I say that now, but hope that I can follow my own advice in a few months when I have surgery!)